While it’s undeniably true that the Louisiana craft beer scene is 15 years behind the times (read Texas) we’re taking baby steps toward establishing at least a semblance of an industry. Nora McGunnigle of The Gambit has lots of Louisiana beer news this week including updates on Courtyard Brewery, Bayou Teche and Great Raft.rl reeves jr

Tin Roof has yet to make a beer worth drinking but here’s a cool video on their mechanized canning line now let’s hope they’ll improve their output.

In an article titled “It’s Time For Craft Brewers To Stop Acting Like Children” writer Jason Notte breaks down the disastrous moves made recently by Lagunitas’ Tony Magee and Bell’s Brewery’s Larry Bell. We love a good dust up but this was a measured take on the affair(s)

Writer Chris Morris of Fortune breaks down the craft beer scene in Austin he’s a little shaky on the facts (512 did NOT brew the first IPA in town,that distinction belongs to Live Oak) but other than that it’s a good read.

Ireland is not just home to forested glens and people who like to wear funny hats there is also a craft beer scene.

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