New Orleans has entered the golden age of pizza.

Pizza Delicious

Pizza Delicious

It hasn’t been that many years since Sugar Park was the cream of New Orleans savory pie crop, and that speaks more to the plight of pizza loving New Orleanians than it does the quality of Sugar Park’s kitchen.

That all began to change back in 2009 when Alon Shaya opened Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel and ushered in the modern era of pizza in New Orleans. Shaya did it with the help of the deep pockets of John Besh and a charcuterie program that has no rival in the Deep South.

Domenica is ground zero for cured meat.

But sometimes we just want to walk a couple blocks down the street and grab a pie to go without the hassle of trying to park in the CBD and that’s when we give Pizza Delicious a call.

Nowadays the landscape of New Orleans dining scene is chockablock with good pizza. From Ancora to Wood to St. Clair to Oak Oven, no matter what part of town you live in you’re never more than 10 minutes from a delicious pie.

We’re calling it a golden age.

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