Even though this is a food blog dedicated to covering Louisiana and the Deep South we do pen the occasional missive about New Orleans crime.

We’re trying to keep the spirit of legendary reporter Jack Dempsey (RIP) of the old States-Item alive.

Monday March 16th 2015,

Crime in the Bywater

Crime in the Bywater

a couple in their 20s were on an evening walk near Markey’s Bar on Royal Street in the Bywater neighborhood when a black pickup truck pulled up and four men disembarked with handguns and bad intentions.

The brigands demanded the belongings of the walkers who complied. The ne’er do wells then fled and have yet to be apprehended.

Locals decry the gentrification of the Bywater but from our perch deep in the neighborhood we see an entirely different set of problems. Namely, the fact that the district is one of the highest crime areas in the city of New Orleans.

Home invasions, pistol whippings, muggings, rapes and property crime are the order of the day in the Bywater. Yes, home values have risen, but if you can’t make it from your car into your overpriced house without getting mugged then the neighborhood has worse problems than skyrocketing rent.

We overpay on the Scrumptious house at the beginning of each month but we’re more worried about getting a gun stuck in our face than we are socking money away for that next trip to Istanbul.

People decry the transformation of the Bywater using the antique term “hipster” as an epithet, but from where we sit our neighborhood’s problems are much larger than some guy with black frame glasses ambling along listening to a Pavement bootleg on his iPod.

It would be great if all we had to worry about was girls in high-waisted jeans wearing crochet tank tops, instead we have to concern ourselves with a possible buck and run if somebody pulls out a piece and tries to take our loot.

It ain’t easy in the big easy.

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