I was traveling through Northeast Alabama in 2011, rolling slow in my old Econoline, staying off the main roads and soaking in the Appalachian scenery high atop Sand Mountain near the Georgia state line.

Sand Mountain is where author Dennis Covington famously sought salvation via the handling of timber rattlers; it is also where I noticed a rickety thrift store on the side of US Hwy 75.

This is where I found my beloved antique waffle iron, Black Betty. I paid a dollar for her.

I’ve turned dozens of waffles out of the old girl but until last weekend I’d never ventured into Buckwheat territory. For the uninformed, Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Sagittatum Gilib) is not wheat at all. It is a relative of rhubarb and is entirely gluten free. I try to eat as much delicious gluten as possible but the following recipe is good even without that vital protein.

After a handful of test runs, this is the recipe I came up with for Buckwheat waffles.


2/3 c. plus 2. T. Buckwheat flour
1 t. Baking Soda
1/2 c. Milk, whole
1 t. Vanilla

* Combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients
* Mix well with wire whip
* Spray waffle iron thoroughly with Baker’s Joy pan release
* Pour batter over bottom half of hot iron
* Close lid
* Cook until waffle is done
* Garnish with maple syrup and cow’s butter

Cooking notes

My ancient waffle iron has a light that glows red until the waffle is done at which point it turns itself off

If you’re trying to get the fat out of your diet you may use water instead of whole milk

Invest in good vanilla, I use bourbon barrel-aged from Kentucky, it’s the finest I’ve seen on the market

Baker’s Joy is another great investment. Professional bakers use this brand pan release

This recipe makes 2 waffles

Don’t skimp on the butter or maple syrup either. I like Parma butter and Bliss Maple Syrup, it’s the finest I’ve ever sampled

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