We cook 99% of the barbecue we eat now that we’re far removed from our former home of Austin, Texas, the greatest barbecue city on planet earth.

Meat On The Smoker At Black Label BBQ

Meat On The Smoker At Black Label BBQ

While we used to spend hundreds of hours per year driving through rural Texas scouting out smoked meat shacks, now when we get a craving for brisket we run by the grocery store and get ready to pull an all-nighter in the backyard hovering over our old smoker.

Texas-quality barbecue is hard to come by in southeast Louisiana.

But if we need supper without all that hard labor we know where to go: Barrel Proof, a whiskey bar in the Lower Garden District where Texas native Damian Brugger of Black Label BBQ is cranking out brisket, pork, chicken, and as of late, handmade smoked sausage.

Thursday March 12th 2015, the pitboss is offering all you can eat meat and side dishes for $30 to raise money for Hogs For The Cause, the massive barbecue cook off that serves as an annual fund raiser for children suffering from brain cancer.

Drunken Pigs, Brugger’s barbecue team, will be competing at this years’ challenge.

All You Can Eat Meat
Black Label BBQ
Barrel Proof
1201 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Thursday March 12th 2015


After you’re finished with your meat feast take an evening ramble a half block away on Erato Street to Courtyard Brewery, those beefy hoss cats know how to brew and properly serve craft beer.

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