Bayou Teche in Arnaudville, Louisiana uses the waste produced at their brewery to fuel the growth of crawfish in a pond on the brewery’s property. most brewers give their spent grain to hog farmers which produces some beer-y tasting delicious pork. We can’t wait to try crawfish raised on barley.

Louisiana Craft Beer

Louisiana Craft Beer

Owner/head brewer Scott Wood of New Orleans nano-Courtyard Brewery “At the end of the day, is the beer good? Are you enjoying life?” other brewers from around Louisiana opine on our state’s craft beer scene.

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin pens a dispatch from Mexico where he brewed beers using Central Cervecera’s equipment Jeppe went on to dine at a restaurant that he dubbed “the Evil Twin of Mexico”

I visited the Asheville, North Carolina area countless times as a child and yes, even back then I was drinking beer. We’d steal it from the chaperones at our summer camp. I was rough and tumble. And ten years old. Justin Kennedy has a guide to Asheville’s brewery scene

And Coisbo Beer of Denmark won the giant Dublin Beer Challenge last week in Ireland with a Russian Imperial Stout aged in Sherry Barrels.

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