It’s tamale season year round at the Scrumptious Chef house. Here’s our latest look at the tamale universe.

Tamales In A Can

Tamales In A Can

Delicious Tamales in San Antonio, Texas is doing business the right way. They have a molino (food mill) where they grind the nixtamalized corn during the ramp-up to creating true, made from scratch tamales. They must be doing something right, they sell 4.5 million tamales per year

Maria Isabel Mendez has been purveying handmade tamales in New Orleans for 15 years. and I love that, according to her, there are no good enchiladas in New Orleans.

If you find yourself in Bali, Indonesia with a hankering for tamales
Greg Berlin has the hookup

McDonalds comes out against tamales in Mexico with predictable results
massive backlash. Joaquin Lopez-Doriga is succinct in his appraisal of their purview.

Our readers of a certain age will recall when President Gerald Ford traveled to Texas and attempted, in his own bungling way, to eat a tamale

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