The Brewers Association just released their state-by-state rankings of the US as it pertains to beer production and consumption.

Louisiana put in a respectable showing despite only having 11 breweries at the time of the analysis.

Courtyard Brewing

Courtyard Brewing

In raw number of breweries we ranked 43rd which is pitiable, but growth has come in the form of two new brew houses opening since the report was completed. Let’s not get too excited, we’re still in the stone age of Louisiana craft beer production.

In economic impact we ranked 22nd with 462 million dollars pouring across the state via delicious, delicious beer.

Each adult in Louisiana consumed 1.7 gallons of beer which put us in the 20th position. I’d love to know where we rank in liquor as everybody knows Louisianans love the hootch.

Hard-working brewers across the state produced 184,000 plus barrels of beer which led us to a ranking of 19th overall.

Abita, the 900lb gorilla of Louisiana beer accounted for 151,000 of those barrels all by themselves. As young upstart breweries like Gnarly Barley (Hammond) and Courtyard Brewing (New Orleans) nip at their heels one can hope that Abita’s quality will tick upward as competition grows ever fiercer.

Here’s a hotlink to all the facts and figures

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