Shake Sugary

I never thought anyone could fill the space in my gluttonous heart left by Olivia O’Neal of Sugar Mama Bakeshop in Austin, Texas.

But part of a life changing departure is the knowledge that holes will be left that can only sometimes be filled by new places in new towns.

So I left Austin not knowing if my ravenous sugar tooth could be quelled by anyone in New Orleans.

Enter Dawn Snead of Shake Sugary. I go here for the best key lime pie in Louisiana and pecan treats that lend weight to the argument that our state produces the sweetest nut meat in all of USA.

I live a mere three blocks from Ms. Snead’s sugar emporium and it takes Herculean strength to not visit daily. And that 10 pounds of belly fat I’ve put on in the last eight months? Thanks Dawn, thanks a lot.

Fortunately, or not, Shake Sugary is preparing for a move up St Claude Avenue later this year and while it makes me a bit wistful for what might have been I’m certain that my impending diabetes will be forestalled by a minimum of a year or two as my visits will certainly dwindle once the move is complete.

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