The most anticipated New Orleans restaurant opening of the last 150 years has now reached critical mass.

Red’s Chinese on St Claude flings their doors open to the public today Wednesday December 3rd 2014 at 5pm.

Expect painstakingly inauthentic takes on the foods of the Sichuan Province of China as this will be Chef Tobias Womack’s calling card. After all, he did serve under Chef Danny Bowien at Mission Chinese in NYC. Neither Bowien nor Womack will ever be called strict constructionists.

We ran by Red’s last week to take the lay of the land and chat with the good cook before he descended into the maelstrom of full-on restaurant ownership. The joint looked like a million bucks with all manners of handmade tables and chairs and plentiful soft lighting casting glows every which way.

And there was a giant jar of Sichuan peppercorns stationed right next to the wok stove. We laughed about all the “ma la feeling motherfuckers” that would soon be stumbling out of his restaurant.

Red’s Chinese is byob for the time being but expect that to change soon as Womack has big plans for a Chinese flavored craft cocktail menu.

Red’s Chinese

3048 St. Claude Avenue

New Orleans, LA


5-11p (edit-Since the hours for Red’s Chinese vary wildly across various internet sources we called to put the info on lockdown. They are open 5-9 pm on Monday, closed Tuesday, and open 5-11 on the remaining days of the week)

closed Tuesday

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