There is an especially hot circle of Hell for tip jar thieves.

I was sitting at the old Clementine Coffee Shop on Manor Road in Austin, Texas when all Hell broke loose. I heard a commotion from inside the business and suddenly a young scamp broke through the door and started booking it across the patio, skateboard in one hand, tip jar in the other.

I reckon he hadn’t given much thought to the fact that the assembled crowd were all highly caffeinated as well as being comprised mainly of restaurant workers on our nights off.

A half dozen of us instantly gave chase.

The getaway vehicle, an old pickup truck, went careering down a nearby sidestreet as the ruffian took flight.

During all the excitement, the would-be thief suddenly decided it wasn’t worth it and threw the tip jar over his shoulder whilst flinging his skateboard and himself in the back of the truck.

We gathered up the money and filed back into Clementine to return the loot to the baristas.

Patricia Meadows of River Ridge, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana was not as lucky as the Texas brigand.

She’s being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna on a $361,500 bond. Her crimes? Meadows stands accused of making off with the tip jar at an area Starbucks as well as a Baskin Robbins in late November. But that’s not all. Meadows was on something of  a crime spree. And she liked knives.

Entering a Smoothie Time in late November, Ms. Meadows approached the cashier and placed a large knife to the throat of the worker. A separate worker handed over money from the cash till.

Meadows was not done. Making her way to Planet Beach, she employed the same methods but with different results. The worker took off running and Meadows was foiled.

Working off a partial license plate ID, police managed to take custody of Meadows before she could take down more tip jars and cash registers in Jefferson Parish.

It was revealed in articles in the Times Pic as well as the New Orleans Advocate that Meadows has a record a mile-long with offenses beginning in 1978 that include failure to register as a sex offender, theft, forgery, drugs, crimes against nature and possession of stolen “things.”

Crimes against nature may or may not include previous tip jar thievery.



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