Has anyone ever played the game like John Mueller aka Shoeless Joe Jackson? After reading about Ronnie Killen’s upcoming barbecue pop up in Austin I’d be inclined to say no. Mueller is right where he wants to be: deep inside Killen’s skull with an ice cold Bud Light and jaw filled with tobacco.

It’s the same space he’s occupied in countless opponents heads since he rocked the Austin barbecue world over a decade ago with his eponymous smoke house on Manor Road.

Killen speaking on an encounter with Mueller at a barbecue event in Houston:  “He told me, ‘you’re in the presence of a legend’ and ‘you should be doing this, you should be doing that.”


More than likely it was Mueller’s  devilish sense of humor at play (along with his penchant for drinking copious amounts of beer) that led to the contretemps. The old Taylor, Texas pitboss has been known to say just about anything to get a reaction out of other meat men, customers or random people that happen to be within earshot. He has no editor nor does he have any fucks to give.

But Killen took it to heart and booked a pop up at Austin restaurant Foreign and Domestic to showcase his brisket prowess. Then Wayne Mueller, John’s brother decided to throw his hat in the ring and team up with Killen to really put some muscle behind the affair.

There is no love lost between the siblings.

Shaggybevo will most certainly not take this sitting down. Expect record setting amounts of men from the Longhorn’s online message board community  to show up at Mueller’s joint when Killen’s event takes place. GM Steakhouse, the subset of Shaggybevo that’s devoted to food is all up in arms over a foreigner coming into town to try to show up the best pitboss in Austin.

I’m predicting a one day sales record at Mueller’s joint on Mon November 17th 2014.

Here’s a twitter-based rendering of how the Killen vs Mueller dust up went down https://storify.com/bbqsnob/bbq-beef



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