Robert Carriker is one of my heroes. He’s a professor at University Louisiana at Lafayette but I could not care less about that. What I do care about is boudin and Carriker is the preeminent man of letters on boudin in the great state of Louisiana.

Carriker authors the deeply informative website boudin linka one stop resource for all things boudin across the Pelican state. It’s required reading for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Acadiana and its foodways.

Just as importantly, Carriker is also the driving force behind the annual Boudin Cook Off held each year in Parc San Souci in Lafayette. The Grand Champion (called people’s choice) this year was T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse out of Mamou. That makes it three years in a row that attendees voted T-Boy’s into the champion’s category.

Johnson’s Boucaniere walked away with the title in the “unlinked” category. This division allows boudin makers to flex their non-traditional sausage muscles and think outside the offal box with a creative spin on boudin. Johnson’s won with a boudin burger topped with crispy chicken skin.

My love of Johnson’s Boucaniere has been well documented over the years and I can not wait to venture up to Lafayette and sample this dish at their legendary eponymous cafe.



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