Any tamale story that features a patriarch named Edmund Szczytko is going to have our ears perked up immediately. After eating tamales almost daily in two different centuries in Texas we’re more accustomed to the Rosas and Efigeneas of tamale production. Of course it’s fitting that Szcytko’s heirs use textured vegetable protein instead of meat

Cobb Lane Restaurant in Birmingham Alabama was a quaint, ladies-who-lunch cafe that opened in 1948 and managed a near half century run before finally shuttering. It was legendary. Now the historic space is set to be re-imagined as a tamale restaurant called Delta Blues Hot Tamales.

The underground tamale economy in Chicago laid bare

Good Golly Tamale is a vintage tricycle/tamale cart prowling the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee

Delta hot tamales are a far cry from the Mexican and Tex Mex ones served by the millions in Lone Star

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