Hicham Khodr’s empire took a hit last night. The owner of Mahony’s Po Boy’s on Magazine was probably changing the oil in the fryers or wringing a mop out in the back when a man wearing a Scream mask entered the closed restaurant and demanded money from a worker in the office.

The worker wisely complied.

It’s unlikely that this crime will bring Khodr’s kingdom to its knees. He also owns Camellia Grill, NOLA Restaurant, and Salu in addition to being partnered with Sidney Torres IV (now known perpetually in New Orleans as the nosy neighbor of Buffa’s) in the Board of Trade building.

The Garden District is certainly not immune to crime. While people in the 12th Ward where Mahony’s is located don’t have to watch their back like they were living in a tenement in Desire, there are still plenty robberies, shootings and stabbings to keep neighborhood life appropriately New Orleans-y.


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