There aren’t many events in Austin worthy of booking an airplane ride from New Orleans.

After spending the 90s, the aughts, and a decent hunk of the decade we now find ourselves living in in Austin, the city slowly became  the floozy aunt that gets you drunk, introduces you to her best friend Evelyn and then scrapes you both off the shag carpeting in the rumpus room come morning.

Done it.

And it was fun, but Louisiana’s a whole new thing.

But then there’s the Texas Craft Brewers Festival.

As soon as I scrolled down the lineup sheet on the concern’s website and noted that Lone Pint Brewery out of Magnolia, Texas was booked for the party, attendance became mandatory.

They are at the top of my short list of favorite breweries in USA along with Almanac, Live Oak, Saint Arnold and Pizza Port.

There is none finer.

Walking onto the grounds of Fiesta Gardens in East Austin, I secured my badge and began walking John Cleece-style toward Lone Pint’s booth. A moment later I was on the business end of a baby pour of my favorite beer currently being produced in the Great State: the estimable Yellow Rose IPA.

It was all downhill from there.

Yes, I had wonderful beers from Hops and Grain, Live Oak, Community, Independence and a handful of other Texas brew houses but at the end of the day it was Yellow Rose that still ruled my heart.

And since their penetration into the Louisiana market is still years away it’s looking like an annual visit to the Texas Craft Brewers Festival will have to be etched onto my calendar.



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