There are plenty festivals in Austin that need to be taken out behind the shed and shot in the head. The ran-by-brigands SXSW  springs readily to mind.

Keep dry-humping the cash cow mssrs Black and Swenson.

But thankfully there are still a few parties that maintain enough integrity to demand attendance. Wine and Swine is one, Texas Craft Brewers Fest is another.

Now that the Great State has over a hundred craft breweries, it’s fitting that there is a festival that brings all the heavy hitters under one sunny roof.

Saturday September 27th 2014, a hundred and forty nine barley players will be set up on the sprawling grounds of Fiesta Gardens with hundreds of kegs of some of the finest micro-brew on God’s green earth.

And Shiner will be there too.

No dogs. No kids.

Dogs and children are lovely creatures. Really they are. But since the Texas Craft Brewers fest is essentially a giant, open-air craft beer bar, they have no business being there. And indeed their presence is forbidden. Please join the dozens of other toddler-rearers and head on up to Pinthouse Pizza if this is a deal breaker.

On our last visit it had all the marking of a Showbiz sans the animatronic bears.

Beers we are currently panting for that will be served at the Brewers Fest:

Lone Pint Brewery, Zythophile Belma Ale

Community Beer, Legion, Russian Imperial Stout

Deep Ellum Brewing, Four Swords, Belgian Quad

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

Obviously there are dozens more that bear mentioning but these four alone are well worth the price of admission.

And about that admission: There will be plenty belly aching about the amount of beer that comes with the hard-ticket tariff.

It’s state law, enforced by the TABC, that beer festival goers are only allowed 24 ounces of beer per admission ticket. It doesn’t matter what the ticket costs either. If you’re a high roller that bought a VIP ticket you get the exact same amount of beer that the poor working stiffs who bought a general admission get.

Of course you’re free to purchase more but everybody in Texas knows that grown men and grown women never EVER should drink more than a pint and a half of beer or else all bets are off.

As this is an Austin event there will be plenty festival food for purchase as well. While we would’ve loved to have seen John Mueller there cheerfully doling out massive beef chuck ribs crusted with black pepper a quick perusal of the vendor roster saw no Mueller to be found. Save the HEB  hailing out of the old airport.

No matter.

We’re only in it for the beer.

Event: Texas Craft Brewers Festival

Date: Saturday September 27th 2014

Place: Fiesta Gardens


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