You can’t hold a festival in Louisiana without having a queen to preside over the affair.

Corn queen, tamale queen, smoked meat queen-if you organize a festival in our great state you’d do well to hold a pageant and conduct a competition to find out who the most beauteous woman in the region is. This past weekend Morgan City did just that to determine who the Queen Of Shrimp And Petroleum is for the 2014 festival (originally founded 77 years ago) when the dust had settled, Hailee Thomas, a co-ed at the University Of Louisiana-Lafayette was deemed the fairest maiden in the land, and had the crown of queen settled upon her head.

We hope her reign is a peaceful one.

And that festival she will be levitating over? It’s a doozy. It was way back in 1937 that Morgan City dubbed itself “the jumbo shrimp capital of the world” and every year since then the good people of the region have gathered together over the Labor Day weekend to throw a massive party to celebrate their good lives in St Mary Parish.

Event: 2014 Shrimp And Petroleum Festival

Place: Downtown historic district Morgan City, Louisiana

Dates: Thursday August 28th 2014-Monday September 1st 2014

In conjunction with the festival, the 26th Annual Cajun Culinary Classic will be held each day of the event. As you might imagine this will involve copious amounts of the best foods you’ve ever eaten in your life. After all, this party is held in the heart of Acadiana and there is no finer eating region on earth.

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