We’re living in interesting times in the Louisiana craft beer world. I would liken this era to the Austin of the late 90s when a couple big dominant brewers: Real Ale and Live Oak, were bracing up as a storm of insurgents appeared on the horizon.

Our scene is tiny; there are only a handful of microbreweries in Louisiana but that’s all about to change. Would be brewers are gathering funding, finding locations and preparing to wade through mountains of red tape to begin producing beer. They’ll each need a bright tank. Here’s why:

After beer has been fermented it needs to be filtered, made cold, carbonated and aged before it can be sold to drinkers. After a successful clarification (often via centrifuge) the resulting brew is bright and clear. It is then transferred into the vessel called the bright tank. The bright tank is where the beer is carbonated with co2.

Now the beer can be kegged, bottled or canned. Some breweries with taprooms serve beer straight out of the bright tank via lines that lead straight into their draft system.

You’ll never have a fresher beer.

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