We live in the finest eating city in all of USA. Make no mistake about that. Our mainstream newspapers: The Advocate and The Times Pic do work covering New Orleans dining scene but where are the food bloggers?

We’ve plumbed the dusty nethers of the internet thoroughly for the past few months and New Orleans food bloggers are scarce as hen’s teeth. Prove us wrong. Hit that comment button and tell us about your highly productive, heavy hitting NOLA food blog.

Nolavie takes a gander at Tre Barnard’s We’ve Got Soul pop up at Jim’s in the Bywater link

Yat Cuisine argues for absinthe in that Sazerac you’re drinking (link went corrupt, sorry)

Do you need to feed two people jambalaya? Do you need to feed 2,000 people jambalaya? Hungry Celeste has a jambalaya calculator for you link

Bacon. You may have heard of this obscure meat that dwells undiscovered in grocery store coolers in select parts of the US. F&B Department somehow managed to locate this exotic foodstuff and of course put it in a chocolate pie. With bourbon (website is now defunct)

Update on the group of thugs that beat the hell out of a guy trying to earn a living delivering pizzas link

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