It’s a testament to the depth of Louisiana’s boudin scene that the 2013 Boudin Wars winner Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen has escaped the steady gaze of Boudin Link, the encyclopedic website devoted to eating the best of the Acadiana foodstuff. Does a restaurant exist if it’s not on Boudin Link?



Will LeBleu’s Landing show up with their fried, bacon wrapped, smoked boudin?

Will Johnson’s Boucaniere show and prove that the ancient methods are still the best methods?

Will Market Basket Smokehouse return to defend their crown in the “specialty” category?

Will Nunu’s be at the event with their world-beating crawfish boudin?

Will Best Stop show up to enter in the brand new “boudin balls” category? We’ve eaten a lot of boudin balls over the years and have yet to sample any finer.

These questions will soon be answered at the 2014 Boudin Wars in Sulphur, Louisiana.

Event: 2014 Boudin Wars

Date: Saturday September 13th 2014

Place: Henning Cultural Center, Sulphur Louisiana

Time: 11am to 1pm

Cost: $10

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