While Moses Vasquez never patted out a tortilla or stood over a kettle of carne guisada his influence on the Central Texas Tex Mex scene can not be overstated.

The fruit of his loins: Bobby Vasquez and Diane Vasquez Valera, each founded cornerstone restaurants: Tamale House #3 and Mexico Tipico respectively, that built the foundation for Austin’s modern day Tex Mex scene While Moses’ wife Carmen hustled out the tamales and enchilada platters at the original Tamale House (est 1948) on Congress Avenue, Moses Vasquez was touring the country and sharing stages with Esteban “El Parche” Jordan, Baldemar Huerta, and Ray Price who dubbed Mr Vasquez “Half Price Mo” due to his diminutive stature.

When Vasquez wasn’t on tour he was doing what a lot of musicians do: driving a taxi and taking care of the kids during the day while his wife was running the kitchen at Tamale House #1 in the heart of Austin’s downtown business district.

After a half century of beating the traps for a who’s who of Texas musicians, Moses had slowed down a mite in recent years, save Sunday afternoons when the man could be found working it out on the dance floor at the White Horse for the club’s Los Pinkys sets.

b. September 2nd 1923
d. August 12th 2014

Rosary: Friday August 15th 2014 at Cook Walden on North Lamar

Services: Saturday August 16th 2014 10am Our Lady of Guadalupe with burial following

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