Would the last person in Austin, Texas please turn out the lights and close the door til it clicks?

El Taco Rico has shuttered.

I received a message on the Scrumptious site on Saturday night that took my breath away: “You may want to take a deep breath and prepare yourself…Word has it that El Taco Rico has permanently closed.” Andy

I shuddered, laid back on the Broyhill and stared at the ceiling fan whirling away. Woolgathering set in as I wondered what had went wrong at Chef Yolanda’s humble little taco cart in Southeast Austin.

I don’t cry easy but I cried. It was late, too late to call the people that matter when news of such import hits so I sent out a few emails cursing the universe then I just curled up and fell into a dark state.

I hadn’t felt such sorrow since Dick Simcoe of Little Thailand passed away in 2009.

In December of 2013 I looked back at a year of good eating and declared El Taco Rico to be Austin’s Food Truck Of The Year. Over 8,000 people read the article.

But on recent visits it was rare that there was even one other diner.

Such is the nature of modern Austin where the eaters are chasing after the shiny new professionally hyped and promoted, brilliantly lighted, cafes and restaurants that don’t have an ounce of soul between the lot of them.

While El Taco Rico sits in Montopolis with a for sale sign tacked up on the wall and a cold comal sitting on the counter.

The death of Mexican food in Austin, Texas.

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