It was three years ago that I spent much of August eating my way across Budapest’s charcuterie scene. The Hungarian butchers in that city have it made with nearby pig farms shipping in freshly slaughtered Mangalitsa hogs that are then broken down and converted into all manners of sausages, bacons and hams. Budapest’s finest pork knuckle at the venerable Pork Knuckle Inn

Philip Powers of BrisketTown makes a New York version of Texas Hot Guts sausage. He left out the cayenne therefore rendering his creation not hot guts.

Dirty dogs in Germany fix the prices of sausage and pay €338 million for their chicanery

Excellent tour of Houston’s sausage scene via Texas Monthly

One of my favorite breeds of pig is the Mangalitsa

last week’s: This Week In Charcuterie News: Al’s Beef, Sheftalia, Laos, San Antonio,American Cured Meat Champions

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