We’re slowly tasting all the craft beer that the great state of Louisiana has to offer. Breaux Mart has been a godsend as they typically have the best 6 pack prices we’ve found in metro New Orleans. Of course Stein’s Deli has the best selection of beers from around the world but for right now we’re still working on developing our Louisiana beer palate. It’s going to be interesting to look back on this era five years from now as Louisiana’s microbrewery scene is ripe for development. It reminds us of Texas ten years ago when the state was still taking baby steps prior to an utter explosion of beer lovers taking out loans and opening microbreweries all over the Lone Star.

On to our weekly roundup of the best tales the internet has on offer:

Become a beer expert http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/5-steps-to-becoming-an-instant-beer-expert

Beer prices around the globe http://comparisons.financesonline.com/beer-prices-around-the-world-compared/

Wild American hops

Unibroue was the gateway beer for many beer snobs who were formerly drinking Bud or Coors. Their brewer…in Oklahoma http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/scene/whattheale/what-the-ale-international-brewermaster-jerry-vietz-of-unibroue-visits/article_b6d4a1c3-73d8-5667-ace6-797df96b03d0.html

Curious about nanobreweries? Like microbreweries but much, much smaller http://www.confluence-denver.com/features/nanobreweries_082813.aspx

bonus: the story of Heady Topper http://www.vnews.com/home/5144605-95/heady-topper-beer-valley

bonus: much like the world of barbecue where the word pitmaster is laughably thrown around the word brewmaster gets a lot of mileage describing people who in no way have qualified for the title. A discussion: http://discussions.probrewer.com/showthread.php?10543-quot-Master-Brewer-quot-quot-Brewmaster-quot-who-uses-these

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