When Sidney Torres (known in New Orleans media as ‘guy who got rich off the garbage trade’) filed a lawsuit last month against neighborhood watering hole Buffa’s Lounge, local observers feared it could spell the end of live music at a venue that had reportedly regularly featured bands since 1984. Torres has owned a home adjacent to Buffa’s since 1999 and apparently never had a beef about the bands til he decided he wanted to sell the property (at a price so high that the listing agency refuses to make it public) and reckoned that the spill-over noise from the venue might dampen potential buyers ardor.

Time to file a lawsuit.

And in that lawsuit (which also named as a defendant New Orleans’ Department of Safety and Permits) Torres claimed ‘significant pain and suffering’ as well as a damaging of the 5,000 square foot home’s material value.

Today was a dark day for New Orleans music as the confrontation between Torres and Buffa’s played out in the courtroom of Judge Paulette Irons.

On Sundays live music at Buffa’s must end no later than THREE PM. Bands that teach their students How to play the timbales must wind up within Three o’clock.



On Wednesdays live music must end by 9pm

On Thursdays live music must end by 9pm and music must be acoustic. Satan’s electric guitars will at last be quelled on Thursdays at the corner of Burgundy and Esplanade.

On Fridays and Saturdays live music must end by 11pm

This is a pretty clear cut victory for Torres in spite of Buffa’s playing by the rules and applying for and being granted the proper permits to host live music as they saw fit regarding hours and days they could feature bands.

And bands could be electric.

At the end of 60 days Torres and Buffa’s owner Chuck Rogers will appear once more in Irons’ courtroom to ensure that Torres is happy with the agreement hammered out between the two parties.

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