Finally some Americans are going to Germany to teach the natives how to make beer. But first, they’re going to need some scratch. That’s where the craft beer community comes in; Stone Brewing has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a goal of a million dollars so they can launch craft breweries in Germany and “East of the Mississippi”

Stone Brewing had over $135 million in revenue in 2013. Pony up right this way

A pleasant enough beer tour through California

Chandeleur Brewing in nearby Gulfport, Mississippi has announced that they will be open for business in early November 2014. We all know this to mean that they will be lucky to open by Summer 2015. Such is the nature of red tape everywhere

Do you lay awake at night dreaming of becoming a cooper?

Peyton McNully has started a company called Leavendary in Alabama that offers customized yeast to brewers. Alabama has 29 craft breweries.

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