Without a current charcuterie project to occupy us we’re considering taking up cheese production. The good stuff is so blasted expensive ($25 a pound) that the economics are certainly enticing. Now we’ve got to find raw milk in Louisiana, no easy task. Time to take a ride out through the parishes and see if we can spot some stray Guernsey cows and give them a thorough milking. Spicy Jumbo Ditka Dog is now on the menu at Al’s Beef http://voices.suntimes.com/arts-entertainment/the-daily-sizzle/mike-ditka-debuts-a-namesake-dog-at-als-beef/

Know your sausages. Be worldly in your charcuterie explorations. We offer Sheftalia courtesy of the Greeks and Cypriots of the world http://kopiaste.org/2008/04/sheftalia-in-cyprus-pita/

A Laotian sausage recipe from Ryan Farr http://www.tastingtable.com/entry_detail/chefs_recipes/16317/Lao_Sausage_Recipe.htm

San Antonio has a charcuterie week? Wait one damn minute. Does New Orleans have charcuterie week? Restaurant Domenica, if you’re reading, please get on that. http://sacurrent.com/dining/food/flavor-file-cured-s-new-midnight-hours-charcuterie-week-returns-and-travelchannel-com-visits-sa-1.1715677

The American Cured Meat Championships wrapped up back in June. Why this did not receive the same amount of coverage as the World Cup is unfathomable. There were 823 entries in 27 product categories. The list of winners and please go ahead and block out the rest of your afternoon. Also, pdf warning http://www.aamp.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2014-winners-list.pdf

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