Chef Tre Barnard has returned from a sabbatical in the frozen north.

He’s come home to New Orleans to restart a pop up career that had come to a halt after an abbreviated run at Kajun’s Pub, the neon lit karaoke house on St Claude.

We missed him by a day last Fall when we were trying to get fed during the Stomp but had our dates mixed up.

More’s the pity.

We are hoping to make it out to Jim’s, the cold cuts and bread joint down on Royal Street in the upper 9th on Friday night This is where Barnard has put down roots at least for the time being. His current menu reads like a southern man’s fever dream with all the peaches, catfish and crowder peas you could ever want or need.

Look for a field report sometime early next week.

Friday July 18th (the poster has the incorrect date) 6-10 pm

We’ve Got Soul Pop Up

3000 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117

(504) 304-8224

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