Win some lose some. I’ve been training a chef, who’s a bacon making novice, on the finer points of curing meats. He got his signals crossed and smoked 20lbs of pork belly without washing it and allowing it to air dry. The resulting meat is a study in salt. While it’s not inedible it’s definitely straddling the line. It will be cut into lardons and used as a seasoning weapon. There is no way in Hell you could slice it up and put it on a BLT unless you feel like kicking back in an emergency room for a few hours while the doctors flush the sodium out of your body.On to this week’s charcuterie report:

Check out Trace “Rib Whisperer” Arnold’s 80 foot long smoker that he doles hot links off of during the summer months

Hungry? Fly to Smokey’s, a restaurant in the UK where the owners have created a 5 foot long hot dog that they’re putting on offer for the gluttons of the world. If you can man-handle the hot dog into your gullet in 45 minutes it’s free, if you fail you have to pony up £29.95

First time I’ve ever seen this online. Pink’s Chilli Hot Dog Recipe

Brooklyn’s Sausage King

Homemade Lamb Merguez sausage recipe

Last week: This Week In Charcuterie News: Frank Brothers RIP, Boudin Doc, 200lb Mortadella,Deutsches Currywurst

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