Back in the 80s, some Tastee Donuts franchisees rebelled against having to pay extra licensing fees to the mothership on Kastleburger sales. After all, they reckoned that any burger profits were covered under “related products” in the original contracts.

The case wound its way through court before the plaintiffs were finally ordered to pony up and quit bellyaching. And the legend of the Kastleburger carried on. To some a blatant ripoff of White Castle, the Kastleburger is a tiny patty on a tiny bun with mustard, onions and pickles as garnish.

They also happen to be delicious, and comparable to that other southern delicacy: the Krystal burger. Tomorrow, July 10th 2014, Tastee Donuts is rolling back the prices by offering a dozen of these sandwiches for $5.

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