New Orleans food blogging scene is petite in comparison to our former stomping grounds of Austin, Texas where hundreds of authors have clambered astraddle of WordPress, Cold Fusion, and dozens of other blogging platforms to trumpet their love of tripe or affinity for standing 5 hours in line for a barbecue sandwich. If y’all know of any NOLA bloggers that are treading lightly so as to not be noticed please drop us a line. Blogger Kim Ranjibar has her head blown off her shoulders at Mint Modern Bistro

Local legend Chris Hannah shares his favorite World Cup soccer watching bars with Napkin Local

Pizza driver beaten by baseball bat as a former pizza delivery man I hope the perps are carted about 5 miles off the coast of Venice, weighted down with cement blocks and given to nature.

Del Fuego Taqueria has opened and they are nixtalamizing corn! I believe they are the only restaurant in metro NOLA that are doing this labor intensive task in-house

A European Podcast About New Orleans food

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