New site feature. While our access to the fertile land of San Antonio (the epicenter of tamale production in USA) is now hampered by distance, we haven’t given up on tamales just yet. Though there are reportedly tamales in New Orleans we have yet to find any. So, in lieu of eating tamales, we’ll be writing a monthly report on them. Installment one right this way One of our favorite writers, Amy C Evans, has a lot to say about the long tradition of Mississippi tamales. On our journeys across the state’s northern hill country we’ve often noted crockpots filled with tamales in country quick marts. These, along with paper-wrapped apricot fried pies near the cash register, make for a fine repast.

Hacienda CDC, Next Door Inc, Accion Emprendedora USA, Global Detroit initiative; organizations stretching across USA, and devoted to helping people get their foot in the door of the tamale industry. Great piece on how non-profits are helping budding tamaleras get their dreams off the ground–finance.html

Tamale Boy review

El Viroleño in Tallahassee God I wish this place would’ve been open when Tallahassee was part of my regular southern circuit.

Doe’s Eat Place tamale machine is not heading to the smelter after all.

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