There’s no turning back now. We visited Brewstock, New Orleans finest resource for homebrewers yesterday and loaded a brewing kit in the Country Squire to haul back to the Bywater. We’ll be penning an article on our adventure in the world of making beer from scratch soon enough, but for now here’s our weekly update on the state of craft beer. Courtyard Brewery will be the Louisiana’s newest craft beer maker within the next couple months. The Gambit has the details

Shreveport is home to Great Raft Brewing, the company received a nod recently from Bon Appetit. Lindsay and Andrew Nations sat down with Shreveport’s daily recently

Jason Notte of The Street posits an interesting argument for craft brewers to emulate Coors Blue Moon

Jack Joyce RIP

Joints rolled with hops? Beijing China is taking a crack at turning people on to craft beer

last week’s: This Week In Craft Beer News: St Louis, BBC, Benedictine Monks, Parish Brewing, Trader Joe’s

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