Pralines vs pralines.

A useful tip for would-be purchasers of this southern treat: Prayleens are chewy, prahleens are crispy. The two camps, warring factions in actuality, meet regularly on the battlefield but neither has been able to deliver a knockout punch to the other. Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines was founded in 1935 by by Diane and Pierre Bagur in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans. It was reportedly the first business in the French Quarter to reopen after Katrina. It ran strong til 2013 when it morphed, leviathan-like into a two store empire when it opened a $2 million facility on St Charles Avenue that anchors that vaunted street.

Now you can buy Aunt Sally’s creations all over the US via the TJ Maxx store chain. That’s a long ways from the early era of the business when the treats were sold packed in cotton by vendors driving buggies pulled by donkeys.

Tomorrow, June 24th 2014, Aunt Sally’s is throwing a day-long party at both stores, and will be giving away free pralines and pralinettes along with door prizes throughout the day.

We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Aunt Sally’s Original Creole Pralines 750 St. Charles Ave. & 810 Decatur St., 524-3373, (800) 642-7257

Tom Fitzmorris, legendary New Orleans food-scribe will be in-store at 750 St. Charles from 12pm-3pm

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