Ville Platte, Louisiana is the “Smoked Meat Capital of the World” and is also home to one of the finest record stores in all of USA: Floyd’s Record Shop, opened by 18 year old Floyd Soileau way back in 1956.

If you own an old LP by Boozoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier, Tommy McLain or the Balfa Brothers, look at the marque on the back. If it reads Swallow, Jin, Maison de Soul, or Kom-a-day you owe a debt to Mr Soileau as these are his record labels. They are some of the most sought after marques in all of record collecting-land.

This weekend June 27-28 2014, Ville Platte comes alive as the prairie art of smoking meat is brought to bear in a giant barbecue cook off held on the civic center grounds at 704 N Soileau St Ville Platte, LA 70586.

Expect dozens of battle-hardened pit bosses all competing to see who will win the crown of World Champion of Smoked Meat.

$15 admission.

Any festival worth its salt in the great state of Louisiana has a queen, and Le Festival de la Viande Boucanee is no different. Yesterday, June 22nd 2014 the Smoked Meat Queen was crowned by organizers of the affair but the event has escaped the scrutiny of the internet. As festival time draws nigh we hope to find out the name of the fair maiden and hopefully publish a photo.

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