Sour beers are the new IPAs. Craft beer drinkers have made a signal turn in the past few years toward funky brews that taste the way a barnyard smells. Sound appealing? Love the smell of a wet horse blanket? Then New Orleans St James Cheese Company has a party planned with your name on it.

Tonight, Wednesday June 18th 2014, Derek Lintern of NOLA Brewing and Dan Stein of Stein’s Market and Deli are throwing a Brett party.

What’s Brett? Officially known as Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, “Brett” is a wild yeast that’s been captured and semi-tamed by breweries like Jester King in Austin, Texas and Crooked Stave out of Denver.

Seek out and find a Funk Metal from Jester King and you may have a new favorite beer. Or you may end up hacking it up in a nearby sink. One or the other.

Party details:

Wed June 18th 2014



St. James Cheese Co.
5004 Prytania St.

New Orleans


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