We’re giving a signal boost to the cream of the crop of New Orleans food bloggers via this weekly feature. New Orleans food blogging scene is dainty compared to our former stomping grounds of Austin, Texas but bear in mind we are a small village perched on the banks of the Mississippi, not an enormous smog-choked metropolitan that is certain to become the biggest city in Texas within the next few years. Suits us fine. We’re simple folks who love the quietude of small town life.

Christy Lorio weaves a tale of the Splendid Pig pop up restaurant that has taken New Orleans by storm http://www.slowsouthernstyle.com/2014/06/splendid-pig-is-poppin-up-all-over-new.html

Liz Davas at NOLA Defender has an early look at the just-opened Del Fuego Taqueria over on Magazine Street. They are nixtalamizing corn! http://www.noladefender.com/content/del-fuego-en-fuego

Goat Tacos with pickled green tomatoes and cilantro harissa from Maurepas Foods http://nolafoodporn.tumblr.com/image/88480741373

A New Orleans first! A 4 year old child has opened a restaurant on Maple Street. That is the only explanation for a cafe to be called The Sammich. http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/features/food/9375174-171/po-boys

Last week’s: This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: James Beard Conspiracy, Juicy Lucy’s, Tommy’s Cuisine http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2014/6/5/This-Week-In-New-Orleans-Food-Blogs-James-Beard-Conspiracy-Juicy-Lucys-Tommys-Cuisine

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