Grimaldi’s, the legendary NYC/Scottsdale Arizona pizzeria (est.1995 though the mythos the family puts forth holds that its birth was nigh onto a hundred years earlier) has announced plans to enter the Louisiana market.

Wise heads at corporate declined to enter the New Orleans metropolitan where their “New York” pizza would’ve been trounced by local heavies Pizza Delicious and Domenica. They instead opted for Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

Wise move.

New Orleans’ pizza movement rests on twin lynchpins:

The aforementioned Pizza Delicious where long lines form at the Bywater pizzeria each morning in anticipation of the concern’s 11am open.

Meanwhile, Chef Alon Shaya at Domenica resides over our town’s finest charcuterie program, much of which finds its way onto the dough sizzling in the company’s wood fired ovens on Barrone and Magazine Street.

You haven’t lived til you’ve had an Enzo from Domenica.

Grimaldi’s will be plying their trade in a mall in Baton Rouge….and Shreveport in an undisclosed location. Maybe a casino? Or riverboat? At least they’ll finally, at last, be in the Bossier City market.

And we’ll keep eating the best pizza in USA: Pizza Delicious and Domenica.

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