In 1975, Gov. Edwin Edwards signed a proclamation declaring Des Allemands the Catfish Capital of the World. Love him or hate him, and there are plenty people in both camps, Edwards has left a giant, dollar sign-shaped mark on the great state of Louisiana. Edwin Edwards first won office way back in 1954 when he was elected to Crowley city council. This launched a career that would carry him all the way to the governorship in 1972. Over the course of his political career Edwards ran for office 26 times.

He only lost once.

Like many Louisiana politicians Edwards eventually ran afoul of the law and was sent to a Texas prison in 2002.

But the Louisiana Catfish Festival soldiered along without him.

Now in its 39th year, it is a signal event in the lives of Louisiana eaters as Des Allemands is famous for providing the best, sweet meat catfish in all of the state. The finest restaurants in New Orleans trumpet Des Allemands on their menus when they’re listing the provenance of their foods.

There is none better.

This year’s event takes place June 20th, 21st and 22nd on the grounds of Saint Gertrude The Great Catholic Church. In a particularly poignant bit of synergy, St Gertrude is the patron saint of house cats!


Catfish – platters (catfish and white beans), catfish boulettes, seafood gumbo with potato salad, catfish sauce piquant, jambalaya, pastalaya, shrimp po-boys, catfish po-boys, fried crab claws, hotdogs, hamburgers, onion mums, french fries, nachos & cheese, chili fritos, snoballs, funnel cakes and homemade cakes.

Hungry yet?

As always there is a Miss Louisiana Catfish Queen, and in this case Kristal Breaux emerged victorious in a wild melee of a pageant held just this past weekend.

Festival Address 17324 La. 631, Des Allemands, La. 70030

Festival phone (985)758-7542

pictured: previous catfish royalty

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