Established in 1916.

As is our custom, we take our inspiration where we find it. We took a flyer out to Metairie recently to visit Dorignacs Supermarket and see if we could find any unusual groceries not available in New Orleans proper.

Dorignac’s has all that a body could want or need including fresh breads straight out of the ovens of Alois J. Binder, the Marigny bakery that got its start all the way back in 1916. Binder’s slogan is “The Happy Baker with the Light Brings You Hot French Bread,”

With sourcing taking on all the trappings of a competitive sport these days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company as serious as Alois J. Binder.

The “aristocrat of baking bread,” hard red spring wheat is the only grain used by these old time dough punchers. This particular type of wheat is much prized for being the quintessential building block of classic New Orleans french bread.

The high protein content of the strain gives our town’s po boy loaves their distinct characteristics.

With a fresh bag of Binder’s pistolette rolls in hand, we hit the kitchen to see what we could come up with.

Smoked Cajun Hamburgers On Alois J. Binder Pistolettes

First you’ll need to make a quick seasoning blend to dust over your hamburger patties. It’s nothing exotic, just a handful of common spices that you probably already have in your cabinet.

Blackening seasoning aka Cajun Dust

1 T. Paprika

1 T. Black Pepper

1 T. White Pepper

1 T. Garlic Powder

1 T. Onion Powder

1 t. Cayenne

2 T. Corn Starch [prevents clumping]

* Combine all ingredients thoroughly and store in Tupperware


1 lb Meat, hamburger, 73/27 is a good blend, patted into 4 patties, sprinkled with Cajun Dust

4 Each Pistolettes, Alois J. Binder brand


Sweet Onion, sliced

2 T. Blue Plate Mayonnaise (Duke’s will suffice if you can’t get Blue Plate)

1 T. Zatarain’s Creole Mustard


* Build fire on one side of grill/smoker

* When fire goes to ash, blanket with fresh wood (we used Hickory)

* Place hamburger patties opposite fire, apply salt

* Open chimney over patties

* Depending on size of fire, smoke for 15-30 minutes (we used 12 briquettes and 3 hunks of hickory and the burgers were medium rare after 15 minutes)

* While hamburgers are resting, brush pistolettes with butter and broil in oven til brown

* Combine mayo and mustard into slurry

* Spread this condiment on pistolette

* Place patties on buns

* Garnish with sweet onion

Serve with cold dill pickle spears and Zapp’s potato chips on the side

Wash down with Red Diamond ice tea

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