Ginning up interest in the New Orleans food blogging world. We’re working on a master list of the finest food writers in town and there is no finer way to do it than by taking a weekly survey.

Our food scene is on fire with new restaurants and bars opening daily (as well as some untimely shutters) so local bloggers really have their work cut out for them. Sloth and sluggishness have no place so step lively writers and keep the scene moving right along please. Blogger Hadi Ktiri has a photo essay up on the virtues of Arrow Cafe on North Rampart

An alleged rape at The Palms Bar And Grill by an off duty bartender has the City Of New Orleans gunning for the bar’s liquor license. Uptown Messenger has the details

NOLA Defender goes deep on old school snoball stands around the Crescent City

Baton Rouge dining guide from Big Daddy Brett Anderson

Hungry Celeste was one of the early evangelists for Chef Alon Shaya’s pizza at Domenica years ago when the restaurant opened inside the Roosevelt Hotel. Now she’s turned her attention to Shaya’s new Domenica, a pizza joint on Magazine

last week’s This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Hollygrove Market,Taj Of India,Cottage Food Bill, Cafe Adelaide

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