Gonzales, Louisiana is the Jambalaya Capital Of The World. Thus decreed Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen way back in 1968.

McKeithen was a giant in Louisiana politics. He headed up anti-segregationists, built the Superdome in New Orleans (calling it ….”the greatest building in the world,” and brought world-wide, and lasting fame to our glorious state via his jambalaya declaration. Massive black pots of cast iron will be burbling away on the proving grounds of the Gonzales Civic Center this weekend as dozens of cooks go head to head in a jambalaya battle for the ages.

Will Scott Duplechein successfully defend the World Jambalaya Champion crown he earned in a wild brawl last year? If so, he will be the first champ to successfully defend his crown since Norbert Loupe back in 1983 (bear in mind that Loupe won a total of six world championships an array of hardware that will likely never be matched.)

Norbert Loupe was the Bill Russell of jambalaya.

Over the course of three days, dozens of cooks will compete in a series of heats designed to separate the wheat from the chaff with 12 of the most battle hardened Cajuns all meeting on Sunday afternoon to determine once and for all who the king is.

And if you make it to the grand finale? Rules of the event provide that you must use 60 pounds of chicken and 20 pounds of rice in that last epic kettle. And don’t plan on bringing in a former champ as your helper either. It is forbidden.

Winner will be announced Sunday May 25th at 6pm.

We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Pictured: Lauren Victoria Blouin, the reigning, defending Miss Jambalaya 2014



Your 2014 Jambalaya Festival semi-finalists

Lyman Abadie Jr. – Volkert Inc.

Jay Alexis – Almatis Inc

Tyler Billingsly -Tee Wayne’s Cajun Cooking

Devin Blair – Ascension Ready Mix

Tyler Bourque – Martinez Seafood

Cody Braud – Braud’s Barber Shop

Roby Breaux – Price LeBlanc Inc.

Joey Cornett – Ledet’s Auto Sales

Derek Diez – Jason Virdigets for District Judge

Scott Duplechein – Veron’s Sausage

Brandon Elisar – RSG Enterprises LCC

Russell Gaudin – ISC

Doty Gautreau – Airline Glass Upholstery Inc.

Aaron Gibbons – American Pump &Machine Works

Mike Gonzales – Braud’s Electric

Huey Jacob – Dove Group LLC

Al “Tunney” King – David Wilcox Insurance Agency, Inc.

Dwight LeBlanc – Coating Services

Larry Lee – Bateman’s Ice

Jarrett Marchand – Dudley DeBossier Injury Lawyers

Shane Martinez – Krazy Kajun

Douglas McCrory – Dales Garbage Service

Heath Melancon – inoLECT

Laci Murphy – Krazy Kajun

Robert Reine – Russell Bujol

Jeffrey Rouillier – Philay’s Catfish N’ More

Jamie Rye – Setpoint Integrated Solutions

Henry Schexnayder IV – Johnny Berthelot

Jeremy Theriot – Ralph’s Pharmacy

Vance Venable – Roland J.Robert Distributors

David Vidrine – Bourg Insurance – Dustin Cloutre

Greg Woodward – Kling Heating & Air

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