I was a teenage Ellen Gilchrist evangelist. Way back when, whenever a new Ellen Gilchrist book came out I’d beg my mom to drive me to The Appalachian Bookstore in Corbin, Kentucky and I’d plunk down my hard-earned money to buy whatever the great woman had written.

If you haven’t read “Victory Over Japan” there is a gaping chasm in your education.

This is not now nor shall it ever be a literary blog (as readers of my work can certainly attest) but once in a great while if an icon in the field visits New Orleans we’ll put up all pertinent information.

Ellen Gilchrist reads from her newest book “Acts Of God” published by Algonquin Press

Place: Garden District Book Shop, 2727 Prytania St. New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: Monday, May 19 2014

Time: 6 p.m.

photo courtesy Algonquin Press


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