Coca Cola heiress Rosa Keller (b.1911) was a prime mover in the Deep South’s civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 60s. While she could’ve settled comfortably into a life of cream cheese and watercress sandwiches, and gin and tonics taken on the sunny patios of the Garden District, she instead opted to fight like a badger with those who supported the Jim Crow laws of the era. And she won.

When she decided the New Orleans Public Library system needed to be integrated she did just that by launching a campaign on March 10th 1954. By the end of that year success was hers.

“I can’t tell you exactly why I did it. It came from a very strong impulse inside me. I’d had everything I wanted all my life. I lived very comfortably and I knew there were people who didn’t.”

Tomorrow night (5-20-14), at the library that bears her name, a company called My House NOLA is promoting a food truck party with Guideaux’s (@guideauxs) NOLA Girl (@nolagirlfood) Grilling Shilling (no twitter that we could find perhaps they just tap out their tweets with clam shells on the asphalt lots where they park their truck?) and Theo’s Pizza (@TheosPizzaNOLA)

Eatmoor In Broadmoor

Tue May 20th 2014


4300 S. Broad St New Orleans LA

Event Producer: @myhousenola

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