Back when Louisiana had a legal drinking age of 18, Texas had already descended into the stone ages of 21+ only drinking for their state’s citizens.

Starks, Louisiana saw land-office business from Texans who reckoned that since they were old enough to vote and/or go to war for America, they ought to be allowed to sip on a cold beer from time to time. Of course Louisiana eventually knuckled under when the US government made it evident that they were going to apply muscle to the states that weren’t toeing the line.

Afterwards, Texas teens had to content themselves with speeding into Louisiana to purchase glass jars of homemade mayhaw preserves and jellies; some of the finest eating that the Deep South has ever enjoyed.

Starks, Louisiana is preparing to host the 21st edition of their much talked about Mayhaw Festival this weekend May 15,16 and 17.

Partygoers will enjoy gallons of the estimable mayhaw jelly as well as plenty other foods prevalent on the western prairies of the finest eating state in our union. One imagines there will be plenty cooks practicing the prairie arts of boudin, cracklins, and smoked meat to go with the live music.

Yes, Cajun legends Warren Storm and Tommy McClain are bringing their Cypress Band to the affair on Saturday May 17th. You haven’t lived til you’ve seen Storm ham it up on stage, the guy loves the spotlight and has been a lynchpin in the Louisiana music industry for a half century.

Oh, and don’t bring your firearms please. The Mayhaw Festival folks only want the gendarmes to be the folks toting weapons. Hope that’s not a deal breaker as this sounds like a hell of a party.

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