Red Boat Anchovy Salt

Red Boat Anchovy Salt


I fired up my 100 year+ old Wagner Ware cast iron pan, coated it with 2 tablespoons of rendered Tamworth hog bacon fat, tossed in two sliced zucchini, and a big handful of slivered purple onion that I had liberally coated with Red Boat anchovy salt, and walked outside to take a phone call. Five minutes later I strolled into a house completely filled with blue smoke. It smelled heavenly. I grabbed the pan and turned out the gloriously blackened vegetables into a bowl and studied the results.

The squash was completely black on one side and a brilliant green with white flourishes on the other. I squeezed a lemon over the affair and began to feast.


The heavily charred melange of onion and zucchini was most delicious. Of course any food rich in acrylamide is going to taste delicious. The fact that it’s going to knock a few years off your life should not dissuade you from this recipe.


2 each Zucchini, sliced

1 each Onion, purple, slivered

2 T. Fat, lard

1 T. Salt, Red Boat, Anchovy


* Heat pan with fat

* Once blazing hot, introduce vegetables to pan

* Liberally sprinkle with salt

* Do nothing for 5 minutes as zucchini chars

* Remove vegetables from pan

* Squeeze a fresh lemon over affair

Bon Appetit

Add some Wagner Ware to your kitchen arsenal

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