Open for just a little over a month, 40 Arpent, based in nearby Arabi, will be on hand tonight at the Bulldog on Magazine pouring their milk stout and Delacroix Abbey ale. We’ve been foaming at the mouth to try this brand new company’s brews and can’t wait to have a go at them-if we can successfully navigate the sea of hound dogs that are always abundant on the Bulldog’s patio.

Terrapin Beer Company out of Athens, Georgia are bringing their Maggie’s Peach Saison, Moonray Chocolate Orange Weissenbock as well as their Hopsecutioner IPA.

Terrapin’s ascent in the craft beer community has not been without controversy as they sold a stake in their company to Miller/Coors much to the horror of craft beer purists.

Tempest in a teapot? Here’s the most reasoned take on the story I could find

keep up to date on New Orleans craft beer scene via Norma McGunnigle

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