Louisiana craft beer does not enjoy broad penetration in the New Orleans bar scene. While the metropolitan region does have numerous drinkeries where you can purchase a carefully made beer, the average corner bar is busy slinging High Life, not Bayou Teche.

This will change.

To stay abreast of Louisiana’s craft beer scene we recommend following Norma McGunnigle, she’s a hard drinking woman who knows how to turn a phrase http://www.nolabeerblog.com/p/acbw-2014-events.html

While craft beer is not his beat per se Todd Price over at the Times Picayune wiggles a little coverage into his food reports http://connect.nola.com/staff/toprice/posts.html

As American Craft Beer Week swings into motion today we’ll be providing coverage of events around the state (Louisiana) that are of significance to area drunkards. We reckon the Sam Adamses and New Belgiums of the world get plenty ink so we’ll confine our work to lesser known breweries.

Like Saint Arnold. They’re wheeling into Baton Rouge today with a truckload of Bishop’s Barrel to be served at The Chimes East 10870 Coursey Blvd., Baton Rouge, (225) 296-498

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