As was predicted internally at Scrumptious Chef, the lynchpin cooks at Tamale House Airport have been welcomed into the fold at Tamale House East.

As is often the case, the recipes at the Airport location did not reside on a hard drive or in a Masterchef folder on a computer. They live and breathe in the bosoms of the workers.

That enchilada sauce that drove you wild? Now breathes life at Tamale House East.

The salsa that you poured all over your breakfast tacos and fried eggs? Vast reservoirs will be waiting patiently in the walk in at Tamale House East.

All the sauces, cooking techniques and soul filled renditions of Airport’s classic Tex Mex plate lunches will be honored in full at Tamale House East.

Breathing life.

photo of the uber rare and delicious strawberry cupcake served at Tamale House Airport

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